Mission and goals

  • Promoting the alliance of specialists involved in the treatment of cancer patients - oncologists, surgeons, radiation therapists, chemotherapists, rehabilitation specialists, resuscitators, anesthetists and other physicians (therapists, neurologists, cardiology, gastroenterologists, etc.).
  • Assistance in improving professional skills, acquiring new theoretical and practical knowledges through the organization and promotion of regular courses of continuing education and training of medical specialists.
  • Attracting a public interest to resolving issues of supportive care for cancer patients in Russia.
  • Improving the level of scientific knowledge and practical skills of specialists in the field of supportive care in oncology.
  • Introduction of scientific developments. Improvement of diagnostic, therapeutic, rehabilitation methods in oncology.
  • Assistance in improving the quality of medical services in Russian Federation.
  • Implementation of the basic principles of clinical trials planning and conducting.